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S.F. No. 594 - Modifying Integrated Health Partnerships
Author: Senator Jim Abeler
Prepared By: Katie Cavanor, Senate Counsel (651/296-3801)
Date: March 13, 2017


SF594 changes the terminology and specifies that the payment system for integrated health partnerships must include a population-based payment for care coordination services and authorizes integrated health partnerships to provide financial incentives to patients.

Section 1 (256B.0755, subd. 1) changes the term “health care delivery system” to “integrated health partnerships” or (IHPs).

Section 2 (256B.0755, subd. 4) specifies that the payment system for IHPs must include a population-based payment that supports care coordination services for enrollees served by the IHP and is risk adjusted to reflect varying levels of care coordination intensiveness.  Specifies that the payment must be a per member per month payment paid at least on a quarterly basis and specifies that IHPs that receive this payment must continue to meet cost and quality metrics in order to maintain eligibility for the population-based payment.

Section 3 (256B.0755, subd. 9) states that the commissioner may authorize an IHP to provide financial incentives for patients to see a primary care provider for an initial health assessment; maintain a continuous relationship with a primary care provider; and participate in ongoing health improvement and coordination of care activities.

Section 4 appropriates money to the Commissioner of Human Services to contract with state-certified health information exchange vendors in order to support IHPs to connect enrollees with community supports and social services and improve collaboration among participating and authorized providers.

Section 5 is a Revisor’s instruction requiring the Revisor to change the term “health care delivery system” to “integrated health partnership” where it appears in section 256B.0755.


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