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S.F. No. 182 - Primary Care and Mental Health Professions Clinical Training Expansion Grant Program (with A-3 Amendment)
Author: Senator Gregory D. Clausen
Prepared By: Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis (651/296-4791)
Date: March 3, 2017


Section 1 (144.1505) creates a primary care and mental health professions clinical training expansion grant program.

Subdivision 1 defines the following terms:  eligible physician assistant program; eligible advanced practice registered nurse program; eligible mental health professional program; eligible pharmacy program; mental health professional.

Subdivision 2 requires the Commissioner of Health to award health professional training site grants to eligible physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurse, pharmacy, and mental health professional programs to plan and implement expanded clinical training.  Specifies that a planning grant may not exceed $75,000, and a training grant may not exceed $150,000 for the first year, $100,000 for the second year and $50,000 for the third year per program.  Specifies what the funds may be used for.

Subdivision 3 requires grant applicants to apply to the Commissioner of Health.  Specifies what must be contained in the grant application.

Subdivision 4 requires the commissioner to review each application to determine whether or not the application is complete and the program and the project are eligible for a grant that describes the scoring process to be used by the commissioner when evaluating the applications.

Subdivision 5 requires the commissioner to determine the amount of the grant to be given to each eligible program.  Specifies that the appropriations made to the program do not cancel and are available until expended.  Authorizes the commissioner to require and collect from the programs receiving grants any information necessary to evaluate the programs.

Section 2 appropriates funs to the Commissioner of Health for the primary care and mental health professions clinical training expansion grant program.



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