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S.F. No. 846 - Parenting With a Disability Support Services Pilot Project Establishment and Appropriation
Author: Senator John A. Hoffman
Prepared By: Liam Monahan, Senate Analyst (651/296-1791)
Date: February 27, 2017


SF 846 creates a state-funded pilot program to provide supportive parenting services to parents with disabilities who are already receiving personal care assistance services under medical assistance.

Subd. 1 states the purpose of the parenting with a disability pilot project.

Subd. 2 provides definitions of “adaptive parenting equipment,” “child,” “childrearing task,” “commissioner,” “parent,” “person with a disability,” and “supportive parenting services.”

Subd.  3 defines a new services available only through a state-funded grant and pilot program.  This new service, called “supportive parenting services,” must be provided by a single personal care assistant who is not the personal care assistant providing the parent with services under medical assistance.  Only parents currently receiving personal care assistance services under medical assistance are eligible for the state-funded parenting support services available through the pilot program.  Parenting support services are in addition to, and do not replace or count against, the parent’s personal care assistance services under medical assistance.

Subd. 4 allows parents who are eligible for supportive parenting services to apply to receive adaptive parenting equipment as a state-funding benefit available through the pilot project.

Subd.  5 establishes a onetime grant process for grants to personal care assistance provider agencies to provide supportive parenting services at the same rate as the rate for personal care assistance services under medical assistance.

Subd.  6 requires a report on the pilot program.

Subd.  7 establishes the Parenting with a Disability Advisory Committee with legislative members.

Subd. 8 is a blank onetime appropriation for the pilot project, which includes both adaptive parenting equipment and supporting parenting services.

Section 2 is a direction to commissioner to seek federal approval to expand the pilot project.


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