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S.F. No. 839 - Campaign Finance Omnibus (First Engrossment)
Author: Senator Mary Kiffmeyer
Prepared By: Alexis C. Stangl, Senate Counsel (651/296-4397)
Date: February 22, 2017


S.F. No. 839 codifies several campaign finance provisions. Section 2 shortens the length of a special election cycle. Sections 3 and 4 narrow the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board’s authority to adopt rules. Section 17 allows affidavits of candidacy to be filed electronically. The remaining sections codify Board rules.

Section 1.  Depository.  Amends the definition of “depository.”

Section 2.  Election cycle. A special election cycle ends 15 days after the special election is held.

Section 3.  Rules. After May 31, 2017, the Board may only adopt technical rules.

Section 4.  Electronic filing.  Provides procedures and requirements relating to electronically filing reports and statements with the Board. The Board may only adopt technical rules regarding electronic filing.

Section 5.  Reporting by multiple lobbyists representing the same entity. Provides procedures and requirements for reporting when a single entity is represented by more than one lobbyist.

Section 6.  Definitions.  Adds a definition of “plaque” in the gift ban.

Section 7.  Form.  Requires additional information on a statement of economic interest. Defines “compensation in any month” and provides details on calculating the amount of compensation received from a single source in a single month.

Section 8.  Annual statement.  Defines “compensation in any month” for purposes of the annual economic interest statement.

Section 9.  Contributions from Hennepin County registered associations.  Instead of registering with the Board, an association registered with Hennepin County may notify committees or funds of its registration with the County.

Section 10. Value of contributions of automobile use.  Explains how to determine the value of automobile use.

Section 11.  Contents of report.  Requires additional information on campaign reports.

Section 12.  Amounts.  Specifies that candidates who qualify for first-time candidate status receive an increase in the campaign expenditure limit in all segments of the election cycle.  

Section 13.  Return of contribution after merger of governor and lieutenant governor funds.   Funds that are transferred to the joint committee for candidates for governor and lieutenant governor that are in excess of the applicable limits may be returned to the contributor within 90 days.

Section 14.  Special election contribution limits.  Election segment contribution limits apply to a special election cycle.

Section 15.  Contribution limits apply independently. Contribution limits apply independently for election segments, nonelection segments, and special election cycles.

Section 16.  Failure to repay.  A candidate who does not repay money required by a spending limit agreement cannot be paid additional public subsidy until the funds and fees are repaid.

Section 17. Affidavit of contribution.  A candidate must be able to electronically file an affidavit of contribution. The Board cannot require the form to be notarized.

Section 18.  Repealer.  Repeals the rules that correspond to the sections codified in this act or superseded by this act. 

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