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S.F. No. 915 - Modifying Provisions Related to Mental Health Services
Author: Senator Jeff Hayden
Prepared By: Joan White, Senate Counsel (651/296-3814)
Date: February 23, 2017


Section 1 (245.4712, subd. 2) modifies day treatment services for adults; a qualified supervisor for adult day services does not need to meet the 2,000 hours of supervised experience requirement.

Section 2 (245.4871, subd. 26) amends the definition of “mental health practitioner” by clarifying the term “related fields.”

Section 3 (245.8261, subd. 4) allows only program staff who have completed the required training to impose restrictive procedures.

Sections 4 to 6 (256B.0943, subd. 1, subd. 9, subd. 13) amend the children’s therapeutic services and supports (CTSS) section of law. This section modifies the definition of a “mental health practitioner” by eliminating the  2,000 hours of supervised experience requirement  for purposes of day treatment services programs.

Section 5 (256B.0943, subd. 9) clarifies that medical assistance covers services plan development before completion of a child’s individual treatment plan. 

Section 6 (256B.0943, subd. 13) modifies the subdivision that allows up to 15 hours of CTSS in certain settings; this section strikes a reference to group homes and adds a reference to psychiatric residential treatment facilities.

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