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S.F. No. 852 - Establishing the Housing Support Services Program
Author: Senator Tony Lourey
Prepared By: Joan White, Senate Counsel (651/296-3814)
Date: February 17, 2017


         S.F. No. 852 establishes the housing support services program.  If the program is approved by the federal government, the services will be eligible for medical assistance reimbursement.

Section 1 (256B.051), subdivision 1 states the purpose of the program, which is to provide housing support services to individuals with a disability that limits their ability to obtain or maintain stable housing.

Subdivision 2 defines terms.

Subdivision 3 provides the eligibility criteria for the program.  The individual must (1) be 18 years or older, (2) be enrolled in medical assistance, (3) have a need for the services based on an assessment, (4) reside in or plan to reside in a community-based setting, and (5) have evidence of unstable housing.

Subdivision 4 specifies the methods in which the assessment of functional need must be conducted.  The individual must be reassessed annually.

Subdivision 5 defines the services provided under the program, which include housing transition services and housing and tenancy sustaining services.

Subdivision 6 specifies provider eligibility.

Section 2 requires the Commissioner of Human Services to seek the necessary federal waiver authority to implement the program. 

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