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S.F. No. 595 - Allowing Interactive Video for Targeted Case Management
Author: Senator Julie A. Rosen
Prepared By: Joan White, Senate Counsel (651/296-3814)
Date: February 10, 2017


Section 1 (256B.0621, subd. 10) allows medical assistance reimbursement for interactive video for relocation case management services, which helps recipients gain access to needed services and supports if they choose to move from an institution to the community.

Section 2 (256B.0625, subd. 20) modifies the mental health case management section of law to allow medical assistance reimbursement for contact by interactive video, that meet the requirements of section 256B.0625, subdivision 20b.

Section 3 (256B.0625, subd. 20b) adds a new subdivision creating a new benefit under the medical assistance chapter for mental health targeted case management through interactive video.

Section 4 (256B.0924, subd. 4a) allows medical assistance reimbursement for interactive video contact for targeted case management for vulnerable adults and adults with developmental disabilities.  This section also sets the parameters for contact by interactive video for targeted case management.  Interactive video is subject to federal approval, and is allowed if the requirements are met.

Section 5 requires the Commissioner of Human Services to seek federal approval to implement case management via interactive video contact.

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