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S.F. No. 474 - Youth Skills Training Program Establishment (Delete-everything amendment SCS0474A-2)
Author: Senator Paul T. Anderson
Prepared By: Carlon D. Fontaine, Senate Counsel (651/296-4395)
Date: February 1, 2017


Section 1, subdivision 1 [Program established] establishes a youth skills training program. Requires the commissioner of labor and industry to approve youth skills training programs for work-based skills training for student learners ages 16 and older. Requires the commissioner to award grants to local partnerships for local youth skills training programs.

Subdivision 2 [Definitions] provides definitions for “local partnership” and “student learner.”

Subdivision 3 [Duties], paragraph (a), provides the duties of the commissioner for the youth skills training program including approval of youth skills training programs, approval of occupations and maintenance of a list of approved occupations, issuing requests for proposals for grants, developing new youth skills training programs, developing model program guides, monitoring youth skills training programs, providing technical assistance to local partnership grantees, working with providers to identify paths for receiving postsecondary credit for participation in the youth skills training program, and other activities as necessary to implement the program. Paragraph (b) requires the commissioner to collaborate with stakeholders in developing youth skills training programs, and to identify and approve occupations and competencies for the training programs.

Subdivision 4 [Training agreement] requires written training agreements to be signed by each student learner, by the employer, and the school coordinator or principal. Requires copies of each agreement to be retained by the school and the employer.

Subdivision 5 [Interaction with child labor laws] allows the commissioner to grant an exemption from chapter 181A for student learners participating in training programs approved by the commissioner. Allows an exemption to be revoked in any individual situation if found that reasonable precautions have not been observed for the safety of minors. Requires the commissioner to maintain and annually update a list of occupations deemed particularly hazardous and student learner exemptions.

Subdivision 6 [Interaction with education finance] allows student learners participating in youth skills training programs to be counted in the average daily membership of the school district for purposes of computing state aids for a school district.                                                                                                                      

Subdivision 7 [Academic credit] allows a school district to grant academic credit for youth skills training programs according to local requirements. 

Subdivision 8 [Other apprenticeship programs] provides that the program does not affect comprehensive youth apprenticeship programs under section 124D.47. Allows a registered apprenticeship program to grant credit toward the completion of a registered apprenticeship for the successful completion of a youth skills training program. 

Subdivision 9 [Grant applications] requires a local partnership to include information in a grant application including the identity of each participant in the local partnership, the identity of each employer who is a participant in the local partnership and any matching funds provided, a plan to accomplish the implementation and coordination of the local training program, and the fiscal agent responsible for receiving, managing, and accounting of the grant. 

Subdivision 10 [Grant awards] allows a local partnership to use grant awards for implementation and coordination activities including recruiting of additional employers and students to participate in the program, coordination of youth skills training activities, coordination of academic, vocational and occupational learning, school and work-based learning, and secondary and postsecondary education for participants, and other necessary activities as directed by the commissioner.

Subdivision 11 [Outcomes] provides outcomes expected for youth skills training programs. 

Subdivision 12 [Reporting] beginning February 1, 2018, requires the commissioner to submit an annual report providing the number of student learners who commenced training and completed the program. Requires the initial report to include a description of the differences between state and federal child safety standards.

Section 2 [Appropriations] appropriates $200,000 in fiscal year 2018 from the workforce development fund to the commissioner of labor and industry to convene stakeholders and to develop youth skill training competencies for approved occupations. Appropriates $600,000 in fiscal year 2019 and on an ongoing basis, from the workforce development fund to the commissioner of labor and industry to administer the program and award grants. Allows up to five grants to be awarded per year, not to exceed $100,000 per grant to a local partnership. Allows the commissioner to use a portion of the appropriation for administration of the program.


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